January, 2011

Jan 11

Sir, will it be credit card, debit card or the iPhone?

Have you heard yet about NFC? The ‘near field communication’? Apple is in news this time for this reason. Though it is only a speculation yet and nothing has been confirmed – but seems like Apple is set to introduce this new service NFC built into its iPhone and iPad that will turn these devices into one that can be used for making payments too.

So after the credit card and the debit card, looks like people will soon have a choice of paying by their iPhone or iPad. Though this news has been reported by ABC News as well as Bloomberg Report, Apple has completely brushed these aside citing them as rumours. When ABC News approached Apple to comment on this issue, its spokeswoman Natalie Harrison simply declined. She went on to add that Apple never comments on any speculation and rumour.

Gween Bezard is the co-founder and research director at the technology research firm by the name of Aite Group and when he was questioned on this issue, he just seemed concerned about when Apple will be launching this service. He never had any doubts on whether or not it will be launched.

Banking on this technology, are also the other mobile and smartphone manufacturers – Nokia and RIM to name a few. Google too has its Nexus-S already NFC-enabled. All these companies seem confident on the viability of this NFC technology.

As Aite puts it, US alone will contribute to about $22 billion pay-by-phone transactions by 2015.

Jan 11

Is Recycling my Mobile really worth it?

The next time you are daunted by that question, think positive and believe that if you do recycle your old mobile phone, you are just doing your bit in saving the planet and humanity and what’s more, you even get cash for it!!

You may be thinking that your mobile phone is just not worth the effort of recycling, or is broken and will not be bought by anyone or simply, that you do not wish to bother about it.

While the rewards for recycling are not just monetary, but it will surely give you intrinsic satisfaction once you know what your old device could be used for:

-        Your mobile phone may still be in a good working condition and that could translate into a whole new meaning into someone’s life in a poor economy. It will be available to them at a lower price, more affordable and could even help in saving lives. Did you ever think about it?

-        Even if it is not in a good working condition, some of its parts may still be. They could then be retrieved and re-used in manufacturing of some new phones. Since it would mean less requirement of producing the raw inputs, it will obviously mean less mining of the earth and less pollution as a result.

-        If that is not convincing enough, then you must be aware that by not throwing your mobile phone in the landfill, you are reducing the toxic waste by a great deal.

Jan 11

Samsung Star II to Come Up with Minor Enhancements to ToccoLite

The official announcement for the new Samsung Star II came on January 18th. The mobile phone would be launched on February 1st in Germany, followed by launches in South America, India, Middle East and Europe. Although the official price is not known yet, one would guess that it will retail at a higher price than its predecessor, the ToccaLite which was launched at 100 Euros.

The ToccaLite which was the name for Samsung Star, when it was released here a couple of years ago was a massive hit. The budget phone had a nice feel to it and made a great package for the basic user. I tended to like it for the most part barring the resistive touchscreen. I have moved back to using QWERTY keyboard for my primary phone ever since.

Samsung Star II on paper seems to be similar to its predecessor. But if one looks deeply, subtle differences and minor enhancements can be observed. The 240 X 400 pixel 3 inch display is capacitive compared to the resistive variety of the ToccoLite. The handset is laced with features like 3.2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth version 3.0 and Wi-Fi, although there is no 3G. The user interface has been upgraded to TouchWiz 3.0 and some new social networking features have been added as well. The basic features like calendar, task manager, alarm, calculator and document viewer have been retained. The budget unit seems to be satisfactory on most counts with a micro USB that serves USB 2.0.

Jan 11

Selling your Mobile Phone Online

In the UK, one has numerous choices where one could sell mobile phones – you could either check online through a search engine or check out the advertisements on the television. All these will show you plenty of options where you could sell your mobile phone.

The best part is that most of these companies are reputed and safe and will send you the details in a freepost bag. You will need to follow the instructions mentioned therein and send across the phone to them. On receipt of the same, these companies will transfer the money to your bank account or your PayPal account or mail you the cheque straight away. If you do not have spare time to get into any comparison, this is probably a good way.

But it is worthwhile to mention that you will end up losing some cash this way. And why is that?

Since these recycle mobile phone sites do not consider other parameters like the phone type, demand and its condition, they see only half side of the coin. Hence it becomes even more important that you have a look at these sites before taking the final call.

While at Cash For Mobiles, we realize the importance of these latent factors, we also help you get extra cash for these. Our ground work begins with a simple comparison of prices that these various recycle mobile phone sites have to offer for your mobile phone and we suggest you the best amongst those.

Jan 11

End of Mobile Phone – Put it on the Wacky Idea

Modu, launched by an Israeli cellphone company and Gizmodo that closed its doors on Peep Wireless, just proved that every new phone introduced in the market has a shady side to it which remains incomprehensible.

An article on Cash For Mobiles discusses some of the popular business ideas that got to the market in style but never took off. Some of them have been highlighted here:

  • Peep Wireless: This concept aimed at using the wireless phone without any network as it created peer-to-peer global mobility amongst its users. Scott Redmond, also known for his idea of inflatable electric cars, developed this concept and co-incidentally, both these met the same fate.
  • Modu: Founded in 2007, Modu was a little modular phone that could be made to wear different “jackets” like speakers, camera, digital picture frame, night jacket etc. and stirred up weird responses.
  • zzzPhone: Meant to be cheap smartphones which could be customized by the users, unfortunately, the specifications went on changing. To make matters worse, the company even shipped out a small number of low-quality handsets. Larry Horowitz, the person behind zzzPhone, is in Philippines and runs a call centre now.
  • Saygus VPhone: This was an Android phone having features of VoIP and video calling and was planned for Verizon Wireless. It never saw light of the day after being shown at various trade shows during the last year. Not only does one get an answer-phone when you try to contact them on their telephone, but even their website has gone dead.